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We live in a society where…

…a company can have its most profitable year and still lay off hundreds or even thousands of hard-working employees.  We live in an economy where we are taught to bet to someone else’s business success as our plan for retirement, instead of exploring ways to invest more wisely and profitably in ourselves. We are also living in a time when people are realizing the value of entrepreneurship and want to engage in it, but are lacking the resources to understand how to go from side hustle mentality to true entrepreneurship. 

“There’s no secret to success, there’s a system to success… and the system works, if you work it.” – Les Brown

Single mom? I’ve been there. Corporate career? I’ve done that. Trading time for money? I’ve done that too. As wife, mom and award-winning entrepreneur, I know what it takes to build businesses that are highly profitable and do not require the endless grind that is keeping so many of you from your families. I created B-Ignited™, a business development program, to show you exactly how to build 6+ figure brands that prioritize generational wealth.

You Can’t Grow a Successful Business Without the Right Tools


Once You Join, Here’s What You’ll Get


Exclusive 6-Step Training Program

This intensive 90-day, web-based, interactive training program helps you build your brand on a solid, easy to manage foundation. Because this is not a get rich quick program, you will be challenged to dig deep, discover your strengths, passions and expertise to build a sustainable brand that built on integrity and transparency. The 6-Step training covers:

Learn how to sync your expertise and values to your idea or side hustle so you can transform it into a 6+ figure brand that makes an incredible impact on those you were meant to serve. You’ll be challenged to dive deeply into who you are and what you want, beyond the money.  Through this process you may stick with your current business idea or come up with an entirely new one, and build a highly profitable brand that positions you as a trusted expert.

From establishing the right federal and state business entity to setting up financial, communication and branding systems, we help you set boundaries between your business and personal life to protect the importance of both.

With access to pre-done email, workflow and marketing templates, you’ll learn how to create systems to streamline your business workflows and automate processes for better time and lead to client management.

Get clarity on your personal and business financial values and goals, and learn to manage your finances separately and equally, while legally minimizing your exposure to the IRS and state tax authorities to maximize profits.

Building on the solid foundation laid in steps 1-4,  you’ll learn to craft your message, build your email list and begin to influence and inspire new customer relationships with integrity and transparency.

Inevitably, your brand will become so inspiring that people will begin to ask, “How can I do what you’re doing?” Therefore, you’ll learn to scale your business through effective leadership that motivates and empowers others.

Templates + Workflows

You’ll have access to our exclusive templates and workflows that will help you get your business organized, streamlined and profitable much faster. Our templates include email communications, tax and accounting structures, personal budgeting and debt management forms, and much more.  Our workflows help you to streamline your communication, client engagement, services and products.


Entrepreneurship is much easier when you have a community of people you can count on to ask questions, brain storm with and even check in with to make sure you’re staying on track in your business.  Whether it’s our online meet ups or an offline event, you’ll join a community of like minded people who are happy to cheer you on as you grow.

Each week we will meet to discuss, review and implement goals based on the module we’ll be covering the week.  I’ll answer questions, help you think through challenges and support you on your journey.

As any question related to the program and I will answer live during our Q&A session. You can even submit emailed questions prior to the session, which will be answered during a live recording and stored for future use.

(Coming Soon) Now you can collab with me and other B-Ignited participants, face-to-face, through our virtual co-working platform, which makes working from home more exciting and team oriented than ever.

Held twice per month, we will hold a special 90-minute coaching session where we will take a deep dive with up to six people, to work through the things in your business or personal blocks that are keeping you up at night

The 6-Hour Entrepreneur™

Not sure what kind of business you want to start? Looking for a business where you can make lots of money, without working long, crazy hours? Become a 6-hour Entrepreneur™. As a business and financial strategist, I’ve joined forces with a world-renowned Japanese manufacturer to create The 6-hour Entrepreneur™ program. This comprehensive, franchise-like program, blends the intensive, 90-day training of B-Ignited™ with a product line that is changing lives around the world.  The goal of this program is to help you build a brand that makes an incredible impact on families and businesses nationwide and abroad, as you earn 6+ figures per year, while only working up to 6-hours per day. 

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And So Much More Like…


About Me

Hey! I’m Anisha Bailey, a wife living the mompreneur life. 

After building a successful tax practice for over a decade, I am sharing my expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow highly profitable, integrity-centered businesses. Like you, I wasn’t born knowing how to do this stuff.  It’s taken over 15 years of winning, losing, learning and mastering these strategies and now, and in far less time, I’m going to show you how to build an incredible business using my 6-step process.

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My background (a snapshot):

  • Federally licensed tax consultant (EA)
  • Masters in Executive Leadership (MSEL)
  • Corporate experience with Johnson & Johnson and Deloitee & Touche
  • Creator, Taxley, #1 DIY tax debt resolution course
  • 2-page feature in Black Enterprise Magazine
  • Creator, The 6-hour Entrepreneur

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Please Note: The 6-hour Entrepreneur™ program is a B-Ignited add-on, additional fees will apply.

Full Pay – $3,999
6-Pay – $729/mo

Check Out Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

This program is best suited for those who are willing to be challenged to dig deep and be diligent about building a sustainable brand and business that will support your family now, and for many generations to come. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, finishing up college, you’ve been in the workforce for years or you are looking for an alternative retirement solution, we welcome all aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to lead and serve with integrity.

Our program is built on relationships and all healthy relationships rely on trust. We’re honest with our customers and our consultants, and we expect the same in return. If our products or other services aren’t right for you, we’ll say so. When mistakes happen, we believe in taking responsibility and working hard to make things right.

From fun challenges to community service events, we believe that enjoying what we do is important to our long-term collective success. Your input on new challenges to engage customers and consultants, helping them get the most out of their technology and business opportunity, respectively, is ALWAYS welcomed.

This initiative is build on love and empowerment. We are dreamers and doers. We find solutions when things get challenging and we never give up on each other. Whether we work full or part-time to connect with customers and share the power of our technology and business program, we do it with a giving heart.

We give 100% to everything we do. We are obsessive about making a difference, exceeding expectations and providing opportunities that will help you and others go beyond the limitations of what you once thought was possible.

Our optimism is unstoppable. Our integrity is uncompromising. We are straight-forward. We take a strong stand for kindness, integrity and being of service. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves – not too much anyway. We love when people are open, honest and eager to bring value to our team and their lives.

Haters, trolls and other agitators who demonstrate mean-spirited, dishonest or douchetastic behavior are not welcome — in our community or as customers. That also extends to any practice of ageism, racism, sexism or any other ism that’s born from bigotry and hate.

We are extremely proud of the technology we sell and the services we provide, as we are always working to exceed the expectations of our customers and consultants. We believe that extraordinary things can only happen when we work together for the grater good of us all.

There’s no such thing as easy, quick money when working to become a successful, integrity-centered entrepreneur. Therefore, we provide our consultants with access to expert, comprehensive business training, group coaching, and continuous encouragement and guidance.

Absolutely not and thank you for asking! In a nutshell, pyramid schemes are unethical and illegal – we don’t want any parts of that and would never invite you to be a part of something with either of those characteristics.

We are in the technology, wellness, relationship and direct sales business. Our consultants/participants are trained to build a business with a high quality, tech-based product line that has been making a difference in the lives of families worldwide for decades.  You are not paid to “recruit”, you are only paid for products sold to customers, directly and indirectly.

Questions? Let’s chat!

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