a real chance at wealth, better health and more time with family.

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…working up to 6-hours a day to earn 6-figures each year, and this being possible because you chose to start a global business for less than $5,000.

Just think of how relieved you’d feel when you are finally out of debt, have more time with your family and finally get to attend the annual girl’s trip you’ve been missing out on because life had been too hectic.

When it’s all said and done, we all want to live in good health, raise amazing families and build a sustainable legacy. I discovered that the best way to achieve these goals…

…begins with our willingness to let go of the status quo.

So, I joined forces with a world-renowned Japanese manufacturer to create The 6-hour Entrepreneur™,  a global business training program for forward-thinking moms (and dads) who are ready to live life differently.

My work, through this program, is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that challenge you to let go of the status quo, so you can think bigger, live better, invest smarter, retire happier and make it easier for others to do the same.

“There’s no secret to success, just a system to success… the system works, if you work it.” – Les Brown

The 6-hour Entrepreneur™ program provides a global business opportunity for forward-thinking individuals, who want to take an active role in building a highly profitable, part-time business focused on improving the lives and businesses of others. 

90-day Profit System

Created exclusively for our 6-hour Entrepreneurs, this system helps you master the art and science of building an organized, profitable, integrity-centered global business.

5-in-1 Water Technology

Get your very own 5-in-1 Water technology so your entire family can start enjoying the benefits of going green, eating clean and living healthier.

Live Q & A

Ask questions, get help when you’re feeling stuck and get the accountability you need to stay on track with your goals during our weekly group Q & A sessions.

PLUS: Live Group Coaching + Training • Templates + Workflows • Welcome/Sampler Kit • Continuous Updates, as applicable

Join me on a live webinar to learn more about The 6-hour Entrepreneur program and how we are changing lives all around the world.

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So glad you’re here! As a wife, mom, and business and financial strategist with an expertise in tax law, I am extremely passionate about helping families build a sustainable legacy through mindful entrepreneurship.

The 6-hour Entrepreneur program was created to give moms (and dads) a much easier opportunity to launch and grow a highly profitable business while learning the art and science of building a business that prioritizes generational wealth.

Starting a business is one of the most rewarding challenges, second to parenting, that you are likely to ever experience. Therefore, the kind of business you start and the kind of support you have access to is extremely important.

Now’s the time to think bigger, push through boundaries and give yourself permission to do things differently. If financial freedom, generational wealth and self-empowerment resonates with you, join me live to learn more on how you too can become a 6-hour Entrepreneur.

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Our optimism is unstoppable. Our integrity is uncompromising. We are straight-forward. We take a strong stand for kindness, integrity and being of service. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves – not too much anyway.

The 6-hour Entrepreneur is for you if you are:

  • Ready to dive into the part-time entrepreneurial life
  • Over working long hours and getting paid less than what you’re worth
  • Ready to for more peace of mind
  • Not afraid to work hard for what you really want in life
  • Ready to help people improve their lives and businesses
  • Done making excuses because you know you are in charge of your own destiny
  • Ready to enjoy financial freedom by simply making an incredible impact on your community

Your one-time investment in The 6-hour Entrepreneur is only $3,499, plus tax and shipping. If you choose to upgrade your water technology your investment can be up to $6,999, plus tax and shipping.

Traditionally, the average 401k contribution is $6,850 per year and starting a business can cost, on the very low end, $15,000, $20,000, $30,000+, which doesn’t include getting expert business development coaching, which can run you at least $10,000 alone. Going the traditional route of investing and business ownership can be extremely costly and highly stressful.

For a fraction of the cost, you’ll learn from a big-hearted industry expert, who’s primary focus is helping you live better, helping you build a legacy and helping you help others do the same.

Yes. The program is backed by a 21-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Here’s how it works:

Participate in step one and two of our 90- Day Profit Plan. If you no longer feel the program is right for you, send us an email.

We’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go, and ask for feedback on why it didn’t work for you, so we can improve.  Once we receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a refund less a $99 administrative fee. You’ll also be able to return your water technology within the 30-day guideline set forth by the manufacturer, which you will review and sign prior to submitting your order.

You’ll want to pay attention to dates. We make our refund terms extremely clear to everyone who signs up.

The deadline exists because, if you sign up for The 6-hour Entrepreneur, we want you to get started. We put a ton of effort into this program and we want to devote the effort to participants who are committed.

If you plan to sign up now, but don’t plan to get started right way, make sure this is the right investment for you because the 21-day refund period and the manufacture’s return policies are on firm deadlines.

We are 100% online, so no travel required! Once you join, you are a member for life, unless you cancel of course. As a member for life, you’ll hae access to the 90-Day Profit System and on-going coaching as long as the program is still operational.

Because The 6-hour Entrepreneur is a global business program and we are available online, you are welcome to participate from wherever you are located in the world.

All weekly Q & A sessions will be held live with Anisha. All questions and feedback directly related to the aspects of the 90-day Profit System and related trainings will be provided by Anisha. Non-business related questions, like billing, technical questions, etc. may be handled by our support team.

Our complete course offerings can be found here.

But the power of this program isn’t just in the propriety videos and insider tips, it’s in the wisdom, experience and confidence you’ll develop from the experience. In our humble opinion, who you’ll become as a result of thinking differently about how you build your legacy is priceless.

If you plan to work through the program over the 90-day period, we recommend between 4-6 hours per week to watch the training, complete the assignments, attend the live Q & As and engage with our community and mentors.

This program takes into consideration the different stages of life that we are all in and been designed to accommodate you moving through it at your own pace.

The more time, focus and dedication you put in to The 6-hour Entrepreneur, the more you’ll get out of it.

Our complete course offerings can be found here.

That’s absolutely fine with us!

If, later down the road, you are interesting in taking this investment a step further and you want to become a 6-hour Entrepreneur, you’ll always have the option of taking our business development course.

The 6-hour Entrepreneur is not for you if you are:

  • Not a self-motivated action-taker
  • Looking for a one-on-one business coach
  • Unwilling to make the time or put in the effort to change your life for the better
  • Not willing to be of service to others
  • Looking for a “get rich quick” scheme
  • Mean-spirited: we recognize change is challenging enough, so haters, trolls, complainers and other agitators who demonstrate mean-spirited or dishonest behavior are not welcome — in our community or as participants. That also extends to any practice of ageism, racism, sexism or any other ism that’s born from bigotry and hate.

Feel free to send your questions to six@anishabailey.com or chat send your question through our chat platform below.

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Every day people are using common knowledge, resources and advice to live extraordinary lives, which is nearly impossible. I believe that in order to win like the few, you have to separate from the mentality of the many. In #Unplugged, I’ll share five ways to build wealth from the inside out, so you can build a life you’ll love and a legacy that will last.

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