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Ready to build a business that harnesses the power of leverage, yields 6+ figures a year and gives you plenty of time to raise your family?

Get #DoneInSix – the tools I recommend for being a successful 6-hour Entrepreneur.

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What if…

…you had an extra 4-hours in your day?  What would it mean for your family, your health, your peace of mind?  What if working only 6-hours a day could give you the time, location and the financial freedoms to enjoy life on your own terms?

That’s exactly how I enjoy my life and career!

Single mom? I’ve been there. Corporate career? I’ve done that. Self-employment? I’ve done that too. As a mom and a wife, I understand that parents with entrepreneurial ambitions face a unique set of challenges, however these challenges do not have to stop you from reaching your goals.

After a decade of self-employment, I discovered a business opportunity that would completely change the way I spent my time as a business owner. This discovery led me to develop The 6-hour Entrepreneur, a comprehensive business training program focused on helping parents, and other aspiring entrepreneurs, use the power of leverage to build six-figure businesses, working only six hours a day – because success doesn’t have to mean countless hours away from your family.

You deserve an opportunity to transform your health and your wealth – this is it!

Ready?  Here we go…

Have you been searching for ways to make more money without sacrificing family time to do it? Do you wish you could stay home longer with your new born, but your leave is limited? Are you self-employed looking for ways transition so you’re not trading your time for money? Are you looking for a better way to save for retirement?

I’ve been there, and guess what… once I realized ONE thing, my life and my business changed in a pretty profound way.  Want to know what I discovered?  Well here you go…

To enjoy the time, location and financial freedoms that allow us to live life and raise our families on our terms, we MUST tap into the Power of Leverage

Tapping into the power of leverage separates the employee and the self-employed from the entrepreneur.  Leverage is all about tapping into your connections, your personal values and belief systems, your skill sets, your education and other assets, to build build a business and prosperous team that allows you to truly have unlimited earning potential without EVER trading time for money.

If you are truly interested in learning how to tap into the power of leverage in order to serve others, you may be a great fit for my 6-hour Entrepreneur program. I went from netting $75 per hour as a hardworking self-employed freelancer to getting paid over $1,500 per new client that took less than 60 minutes to secure, working only 6-hours a day… and I help people just like YOU do the same thing! 

Watch my #DoneInSix Masterclass below.

I’ll walk you through how the power of leverage can create a life and career you’ll love.

See exactly what tools I use to seamlessly manage my business during a 6-hour day.

Find out what, I believe, is the best opportunity and business model for being a 6-hour Entrepreneur.

Watch the Class

Hey there! I’m Anisha Bailey, EA, MSEL. I am a federally licensed tax consultant (EA) with a Masters degree in Executive Leadership (MSEL), and over a decade of experience as a successful, self-employed tax and business consultant.

I am a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship and financial independence and I love inspiring opportunities that transform financial independence through smart entrepreneurship; as it is always my goal to fuel the flames of those boldly navigating their journey, ignite fires where there was once only a spark and re-introduce sparks where hope had been lost.

As a seasoned tax and financial consultant, I know how to use our tax laws to create more opportunities for a stronger financial foundation. As an experienced business owner, I can help you leverage the power of the internet, your strengths, your values and your network to make an incredible, purpose-centered impact on those your were meant to serve.

I created The 6-hour Entrepreneur after discovering an amazing, and I don’t say this lightly, business platform that I believe is by far the best international business opportunity available. I work with people who have ambition and a heart to serve through education and leadership, as they earn six-figures or more a year doing it.

I know what it’s like to be a parent wanting more for your family and working hard to make that happen. I also know what it’s like to be alone on the path to success, with no one to lean on and no support system, but that doesn’t have to be you. I’ll teach you how to become the successful entrepreneur your customers will love to work with.

Become a 6-hour Entrepreneur

As a tax consultant, I’ve seen all types of business models and helped many entrepreneurs fix their tax and financial problems.  I’ve advised on how to build businesses that could take advantage of our tax laws so families could legally keep more of what they earned. So when I tell you this program and opportunity is a no-brainer, please please please pay attention – I will NEVER steer you in the wrong direction!

The Business Opportunity

I believe in clarity and being straight forward, so you won’t get much fluff from me. I believe our time is valuable and trust is essential, therefore I’m a woman of my word. I believe that past mistakes and experiences are not always an indicator of our future possibilities. So no matter who you are, where you come from or how you found me, you are right were you are supposed to be!

As a 6-hour Entrepreneur, you will join a family of supportive entrepreneurs who have joined me on a journey that focuses on making an incredible impact on the world around us.  You will have the freedom to work locally, nationwide or even globally, with your family or as an individual member of our amazing team.  You will have the opportunity to earn up to $2,400 per new customer just because you cared enough to make it easier for families to prioritize health and wellness.

For over 40 years, the medical-grade technology in this opportunity has been developed to enhance nature’s most vital life-source using the latest scientific research and technology. This opportunity is unique in that there is:

  • A straight forward compensation plan, with NINE different ways to get paid
  • NO inventory, auto-ships or on-going purchase requirements
  • NO monthly and annual fees
  • NO membership fees
  • NO monthly volume requirements to stay qualified

Just for caring about other families, you can open the doors for the success of your own family.

This opportunity spoke to me so deeply that I closed my 10 year-old tax firm to focus my time on helping hundreds of families, just like yours, take advantage of this one of a kind business opportunity.

Comprehensive Training to Fast Track Your Success

The Training

As a 6-hour Entrepreneur you’ll have access to an interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective entrepreneurship within our business opportunity. Our training also includes live weekly Q&A and update meetings, with me, to ensure you are on tract and never feel lost or alone.

From helping you discover your authentic voice to teaching best practices for managing your business to teaching you how to be an effective leader, our goal is to help you become a well-rounded entrepreneur.  This program is designed to help you turn your business opportunity into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose, you will be challenged to execute at your highest level.

Training includes:

  • Comprehensive product training
  • Extensive compensation training
  • Embracing the paradigm shift of entrepreneurship – great for newbie entrepreneurs
  • Discovering your “why” so you can connect authentically with your target market
  • Discovering the best target market for YOU
  • Learning seamless processes for organizing and managing your business
  • Discovering, developing and executing your leadership style
  • Using social media and offline resources to connect with your customers and increase sales
  • Much more…

On-going Support for You and Your Team

On-going Support

As a 6-hour Entrepreneur, we plug you into every resource to ensure your success. I hold weekly calls to ensure your questions are answered. You’ll have access to an exclusive member area with tons of training material, videos and worksheets to help you get started and grow.

I want to see you transition into a 6-hour Entrepreneur within your first 90 days of working with me, a realistic goal that requires your commitment.  I am certainly committed to sharing my knowledge and expertise, as well as getting you access to other people and resources who will also help you grow.

As a part of this opportunity, you will have the chance to pay-it-forward, a part of this business opportunity that I absolutely love! As you feel equipped to share this opportunity with others who want to be a 6-hour Entrepreneur, you and I will work together to help them start and grow within our program. Because of the unique opportunities this program provides, I strongly believe it is important for us to share this 6-hour Entrepreneur opportunity with other parents and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the time, location and financials freedoms to live life on their terms.

The Time is Now!

I’d love for you to be a part of an unbelievable opportunity to become a 6-hour Entrepreneur – it can literally change your life forever!  So let’s chat to make sure this is a good fit.  Please fill out the questionnaire, so you can schedule a quick 1-on-1 with me in the next day or two… Talk soon!

Yes, I’m In!